Find your happy place …


So, here we are again. It’s February, it’s drizzling and Christmas seems a long time ago. There are times when I must admit I’m not quite as cheerful as I could be or want to be. There are times at Miss Meg’s when I don’t feel like ironing the clothes or changing the mannequins or rearranging a display. And that’s okay. Miss Meg’s is not just about clothes! Shock, horror.

One of my other great loves is creating things. I love sitting at my little desk, surrounded by paper, chaos, embellishments, stickers, chaos, stamps, ribbon, chaos, washi tape and buttons. Upcycling, recycling and crafting from scratch allow me to create cards, earrings, lino block prints, beads, necklaces and artwork that I can sell in Miss Meg’s while also purging a creative build-up. I have to make something every day or my brain won’t shut down.

That’s my happy place. I try to get there as often as I can. Crafting and clothes, what could be better?

Miss Meg




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