What’s new pussycat?

Today I was sitting at my counter at Miss Meg’s trying to decide what my favourite piece of new stock is. It was a tough choice. Kind of like being asked to choose your favourite child. I love all the pieces that come my way but there are some that are just very special and unique.

After much deliberation I decided that there could be only one gorgeous piece that stood out above all others. It is the little blue vintage handbag pictured in the image accompanying this text. It is the cutest, most dinky little purse I have seen with a perfect clasp that clicks together with a comforting sound and a little strap just perfect for slipping over your hand (gloved preferably) and wearing in the crook of your elbow.

Its dark, navy blue colouring and silvertone fittings are classic and elegant, and the stitching on the front part of the bag is a lovely detail. The best thing about this cute little bag is that it was made in Australia by the North Sydney Mtg. Co. Pty. Ltd. If only it was possible to know where this little bag has been and the life it has lived.

There are lots of fabulous handbags at Miss Meg’s at the moment each with its own story and its own journey to continue on with …



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