Pearls are always appropriate …

It’s time to talk about pearls girls. As Jackie Kennedy (Jackie O) said above, ‘Pearls are always appropriate’. I firmly believe this. Whether it’s pearl studs in your ears, an ornate pearl cocktail ring on your finger or a triple row of pearls around your neck, pearls add a certain je ne sais quoi.

Pearls, like brooches, can be underrated. They ooze class. Modern or classic in style, they have a ceartain presence that just radiates timeless elegance. The Queen knows this. So did Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy. I think pearls are a wonderful addition to an outfit. And we don’t have to think fuddy duddy either. Pearls have a come a long way.

The really great thing about pearls too is that fakes look just as good as the real thing. In fact, in some ways, simulated pearls allow you to make a much grander statement. They can be big and bold, and always very cool.



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