‘She who hesitates is lost …’

One thing I've discovered from my time at Miss Meg's is that it is best not to 
hesitate if you see something you like. Because most of the items in my shop are
unusual or one-offs, I do often get a little wary if a customer hesitates when 
deciding whether or not to buy something that takes their fancy.
And I sometimes feel like they might think I'm feeding them a line (cringe) 
if I say something like, 'if you really like the hat, bag, pair of earrings and 
so on you should not leave it behind'. I have often been jinxed in the past when 
I have told an indecisive customer that something should still be there the next 
day if they decide to come back and buy it. That can end up biting us both on
the bum.

So, I guess the point I am trying to make is that vintage pieces, by their very 
nature, are a little bit more difficult to deliberate on. The beautiful purse
and earrings in the image above are pretty special purely because they are 
not available everywhere. They will help to make any outfit that much more
unique, distinctive and original. And, I guess, that is the ultimate aim for most
of Miss Meg's customers.

See you next Tuesday...



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