Welcome to Miss Meg’s

Along the path each of us travel there are places of true enlightenment and inspiration. Within these places a person can experience moments that, hopefully, bring them a little bit of joy and delight. For some of us the texture of an exquisite fabric, the lustre of a shoe or the sparkle of a piece of jewellery brings that moment to life. Just as a smell can take us momentarily back to a place and time, glimpses of objects from our past can bring forth wonderful memories of that past.

This is the beauty of vintage and retro. And we are not talking musty, dusty mothball smells and Miss Havisham sitting in her dining room surrounded by cobwebs. Vintage and retro items signify good quality, timeless appeal and unique attributes. And here at Miss Meg’s that is what we strive for. Whether it is clothing, footwear, millinery, handbags, jewellery or homewares you are searching for we have it covered. Our selection of contemporary pre-loved clothing and accessories is also a curated collection of pieces that are distinctive and different. We hope this attention to detail and passion for fashion truly does make Miss Meg’s a place of insight and inspiration.




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